The Society of Silicon Chemistry, Japan (SSCJ)

Last Update: 30, May. 2024

About the Society of Silicon Chemistry, Japan (SSCJ)

Welcome to the website of SSCJ. SSCJ has been founded in 1996 as a nonprofit organization with the aim of promoting the development of silicon and related chemistry. Currently, SSCJ has over 450 Japanese and foreign members.

Recently, research on silicon compounds is making rapid progress in the fields of not only inorganic, organic, and polymer chemistry but also quantum chemistry and biochemistry. As seen in silicon polymers, silicon compounds could create new and advanced functions that cannot be expected from carbon compounds. Silicon chemistry is therefore an indispensable field of research for the world's industrial society in the 21st century where the development of higher functions is constantly required.

Since the middle of last century, silicon chemistry in Japan has made great development under the policies of three independent societies, i.e. (1) Division of Organometallic Chemistry, the Kinki Chemical Society, Japan, (2) Society of Silicon Photochemistry, and (3) Society of Organosilicon Materials. In June 1996, aiming at a further development of silicon chemistry, the latter two societies (2) and (3) were unified and the Society of Silicon Chemistry, Japan, was founded as the first silicon-chemistry society in the world.

SSCJ welcomes every researcher and engineer in silicon chemistry and related industries to discuss common matters in pure and applied research fields.

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Conferences and Meetings

We are happy to inform our members about international conferences and meetings on the chemistry of silicon and the related elements. Please contact the SSCJ office.


SSCJ publishes society bulletins (Japanese) once a year.

SSCJ Membership

Membership in SSCJ is open to anyone who is active in the field of silicon chemistry. The annual membership due is 20 USD or 2,000 JPY.

Further information about membership application etc. can be obtained by contacting the following office:

SSCJ Office
c/o Prof. Michinori Suginome
Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Katsura, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8510, Japan
TEL: +81-75-383-2750; FAX: +81-75-383-2722
Email: sscj/at/